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Environmental Compliance Solutions

ECS is dedicated in providing RHI and Environmental compliance services for operators of waste wood and biomass heating systems.
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We aim to take the pressure off, so you benefit from your investment and don't waste valuable time needed to run your business.

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Sven Christiansen PLC

Sven Christiansen PLC

We have recently undergone an audit with Ofgem for our RHI accredited boiler. We have a number of heat meters measuring the heat we use as part of a process and for factory space heating. We also have some external pipe work fitted to our system. We have always maintained robust records for the management of our boiler plant, associated environmental permit and RHI accreditation, this was crucial to the success of our Ofgem RHI audit. The Audit process was very stringent and we believe it is designed to be.

With Amy being on hand to assist us through the Ofgem audit it was well worth the investment. It really does give us peace of mind knowing that ECS are there to support us with environmental legislation relevant to our biomass boiler installation and RHI benefit.

ECS also ensure we are minimising any financial risk to the company.

Patrick Rudge, Operations Director
Sven Christiansen PLC

Hammonds Furniture Ltd


We have been working with ECS since June this year where Amy has provided us with a wealth of support, from RHI compliance to ensuring we are abreast of current and forthcoming environmental legislation. We have found Amy to be totally flexible in her approach and with her understanding of the practicalities behind running a business, unlike some consultants, proposes solutions that are viable and achievable. We look forward to continuing to work with Amy to ensure on going compliance and development of our sustainability strategy.

Mark Hammond, Director
Hammonds Furniture Ltd

Hills Panel Products


I know Amy from when we originally accredited two of our Talbott boilers to the RHI scheme, this was back in 2012. We have since made changes to our RHI by adding a further process. Amy has liaised with Ofgem and helped us receive a number of payments which were outstanding. Whilst we have a lot of experience our selves in meeting our on going obligations to ensure compliancy to the RHI scheme, it is very useful to have Amy on hand to liaise with Ofgem on our behalf and keep us up to speed with changes in policy, regulations and any new incentives on the horizon. She is efficient, thinks outside the box and diplomatic. I would highly recommend signing up to the ECS on going subscription support scheme.

Martin Hill, Director
Hills Panel Products

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